I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, funny, a sales person, a coach…


I am divorced, have my kids half the time, need to see my family more, could work harder and smarter, i need to workout more….

Which one sounds better? the first or second?

Too often as women, we look at what we perceive the negatives are in our life.

What we are lacking vs what we are really doing well.  And, we often let our past define

I did.  And I knew in my gut where it was getting me and guess where that was?


The who am I was missing from my life.  My kids, work and failing marriage defined me for 9 years.  So, I worked on me.  I had to mentally “unscrew” myself from my failed marriage and I had to realize my kids would be with me 50% and that is how it would be…

I needed to focus on ME.  And I did.  I read positive books.  I cut out negative people.  I listened to podcasts.  I became vulnerable with my truth.  I started eating better.  Drinking more water and less beer.  Eating healthy.  Exercising consistently and pushing my body to new limits.  I realized self doubt and opinions of others ruled my life.

So, who am I?

I am an awesome caring Mom.  I am a phenomenal sales person.  I am a kick ass coach.  I love deeply.  I am hilarious and like to lift people up.  I am someone who will NEVER stop setting new goals.  I put myself in uncomfortable situations to grow.  I am
beautiful.  I am strong.  I am unstoppable!!!!!

Ask yourself…

Who are you?